Bahla Fort: The City of Myths and Legends

Beautiful architecture, queer legends, and abracadabra of black magic. All of this is the talk of the town about the great Bahla Fort of Jebel Akhdar in Oman.


Suspicious myths and stories:


Talking about the walled city of black magic, Bahla is also called Madinat-al-Sahr “The city of magic” because it is commonly believed that black magic is still practiced somewhere in the heart of the city. You take a walk in the city and you’ll get to hear many stories that will make you believe that the person was there when it all happened and that everything is true.


The architecture of the Fort:


The unique thing about the fort is the 3 part structure of it. It is divided into 3 parts: the fort, a fortress oasis, and a 13kms long city wall. It has an amazing structure of maze rooms, in-built wells, and spaced buildings, all of which indicate that it’s a construction of the Islamic period. The wind towers and open-air staircases give it an even charming vibe. It is a tourist-friendly place and can be a peaceful spot where they can have a good time.


Pottery, Delicacies, and Savories:


If you visit Bahla Fort, you’ll find plenty of magical pottery and artifacts showcased in the nearby market in the old souq. The potters there still use age-old methods of crafting beautifully printed pots that you can get as souvenirs. As the craft is slowly dying with the craftsmen, they are trying hard to pass it onto the newer generations to keep the culture alive.


Similarly, in the same market, you will be able to find the delicacies and savories that the Middle East is famous for. The dates are a specialty there and you can find different spices that you can get to use in Arabic as well as the other middle eastern dishes. 


The vibe of this place is very lively and it is a typical touristy spot for the tourists to come and enjoy themselves.