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What is the most important thing to know when you’re traveling to a new country?


The right answer to this is FOOD!


Yes, you read it right. The most necessary thing, when traveling, is food. Especially if you are traveling to a Gulf country, you would want to know about their rich traditional cuisine.


You’re at the right place if you want to know about the traditional and famous Omani street food.


Traditional and Famous Omani food:


When it comes to food, Oman is a place where you will have a cuisine so traditional and culturally rich. It has a lot of different options for every kind of foodie.

Let us have a look at some of the famous dishes of Oman that are recognized as their traditional cuisine as well.


  1. Makboos:

Makboos is a famous Omani traditional dish which is also called Kabsa or Majboos. Its origin was in Saudi Arabia, but it is a famous dish in Arab countries specifically Oman. The dish is made of basmati rice along with chicken/meat and vegetables and served with salads, yogurt, and tomato sauce. It is very much enjoyed by Omani people and is recommended to the people who plan to visit Oman.


  1. Mashuai:

Mashuai is the name of the tastiest fried fish. It is a famous and traditional Omani food that is prepared with lemon sauce. The kingfish is marinated with Omani spices and lemon sauce and then grilled and served. It is highly recommended to every visitor to Oman.


  1. Meshkak:

This is yet another non-veg famous Omani food. Meshkak is beef, mutton, or chicken kebabs that are prepared on sticks. The minced meat is marinated with famous Omani spices and then cooked. It is also served with famous Omani bread. It is very famous among Omani people and should be tried by everyone who visits Oman.


Oman Vegetarian Food:

Having mentioned the non-veg options available in Omani food, there are plenty of options for vegetarians as well to enjoy their visit to Oman.

  1. Dates:

Among the things that are plenty in Oman, one such thing is the date. You will find several different kinds of dates in Oman. These dates can be of different sizes, colors, and textures. These are served especially as Omani hospitality and are also used in making desserts and other famous dishes.


  1. Omani Bread:

Omani bread is a very famous traditional food item and is best for vegetarians. It varies in shape and size. There is one thick and soft kind of bread and then there is a thin and crispy bread. They are also prepared at home and can be served with so many different Omani dishes.


  1. Halwa:

Halwa is an Arabic word meaning dessert. Omani halwa is prepared with sugar, rose water, nuts, honey, and Omani spices. It is brown and thicker in texture. It is served on a large plate and is shared from the same plate by different people which enhances the deliciousness and taste. This is served with dates and Kahwa and can be a good option for vegetarians.


Oman’s National Food:

One of the tastiest Omani foods is Shuwa. It is Oman’s national food and is very famous all over Oman. Shuwa is an Arabic word that means grilled meat. It is a special Omani food prepared on special occasions like Eid. It is made up of a strange process. The meat is marinated with Omani spices for a day or two and then cooked in an underground sand oven. It is usually prepared in two to three days and is served with bread


Traditional Omani Breakfast:

Just like other traditional dishes, Omani breakfast has its tradition and is savored quite fairly all over Oman. Breakfast is very much celebrated in Oman and thus the dishes that are served are Bagla (made of boiled and dried fava beans) served with veggies, eggs, and bread.

Siwya (vermicelli) is also one traditional breakfast in Oman and is made most deliciously. With this is served “Shakshuka” which is the scrambled egg. Kahwa is also there to add a touch of freshness. This is how Omani breakfast is served and celebrated most traditionally.


Oman Street Food:

  1. Falafel

Falafel is a street food that is a middle eastern dish and is most popular amongst both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They are tasty and crispy and can be found easily anywhere in Oman from the fanciest restaurants to the little, shabby-looking coffee shops. It is served both ways; with mayonnaise and lettuce and with Arabic bread wrap or just by itself. If you want to have that authentic taste, add tahini to your falafel!


  1. Shawarma:

The famous Omani street food, Shawarma, is everyone’s hot favorite. Prepared with Arabic bread filled with chicken or meat pieces, french fries, Arabic mayonnaise, and tahini, shawarma is the perfect snack for you and your family.


  1. Omani bread crepe:

It is a thin Omani bread called khubus rakhal filled with honey, egg, and cheese. It can be sweet or savory depending on what you ask for the filling. They are mostly served with karak chai or masala tea that’s why can be found in cafés. Some café owners also serve it with Nutella spread to enhance its taste.


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