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From Skeptic to Believer: How One Man’s Experience with Orbit Changed His Mind About Car Rentals


Mr Bergmann fastened his seatbelt and leaned back as the plane started taking off. He closed his eyes in contentment and thought to himself.


“I should have always rented a car from Orbit”

then he took a sigh lamenting over his 30 years of experience with other car rental companies.


22nd October, 2022… Mr Bergmann Meets Orbit



On the 22nd of October 2022, Mr Bergmann, who had been traveling back and forth to Oman for the past 30 years, decided to try a new car rental company; Orbit. But he had a lot of concerns walking into their office. 


“I have always rented from big renting companies acting worldwide” he reconsidered his decision for a bit. “Have I now made a mistake?” 


The taxi pulled over before Orbit’s office and he took a long look at the building. Past experiences flooded his mind as he started walking towards the gate. 


“Good morning, sir. My name is Anfal. How can I be of help?” He was greeted by a cheerful employee. 


“Umm.. I had an appointment. I wanted to rent a car. My name is Alexander Bergmann” He was still not sure about his decision. 


“Sure sir, let me take you for a stroll around the fleet.” He asked politely “Would you like to take a look at the Mazda models on display?”



Mr Bergmann Feels Like a Valued Customer



Mr Bergmann followed him and was led to the exhibition area where Mazda models were parked. Naturally, a lot of questions sprung in his mind about the cars but he thought to himself, ‘Would I look like a stupid newbie if I start questioning?’ 


“Sir, please feel free to ask as many questions as you want” Anfal suddenly dissolved Mr Bergmann’s concerns “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?” he further added. 


At this moment, Mr Bergmann felt like being treated like a valued customer instead of being a newbie asking stupid questions. He went on asking about every small detail he could think of until he was satisfied with the Mazda CX-9


CX-9 is one of the most popular vehicle choices in Oman, sir. You sure have a good eye.” Anfal cheerfully remarked as they moved forward towards the office. “Are you sure you don’t want to look around a little more?” 


Mr Bergmann Finds the Perfect Car but still Concerned about Price


“Nah… I have made up my mind” Mr Bergmann was sure about his choice but another thing still bothered him. The past experiences once again flooded his mind. 


“Now they will start selling extra unnecessary items like insurance. And what about the extra charges they often charge for using a card? The vehicle was in top condition, even the sides of the tyres were blackened. This is the best in cleaning one can wish for. I will have to pay a lot for it. Ahhhh.. It all begins once again.”


“Here are our terms and conditions sir.” Anfal spread a document before Mr Bergmann. “I recommend you don’t take any extra upsells as you clearly don’t need them but ultimately that’s up to you” 


An Unexpectedly Low Price!


Mr Bergmann took a look at the price and looked at Anfal in confusion. It was highly competitive, especially for a Mazda


“Any confusion about the price, sir?” Anfal asked


“Oh no.. I just didn’t expect it to be so economical actually” Mr Bergman couldn’t resist saying it.


“We are here to serve you sir, not to rob you.” Anfal laughed cheerfully “Should I proceed to explaining details before you sign the contract? We like to be super clear before our customers sign up”


“Oh yes, sure” This was something Mr Bergmann had been hoping for. 


Anfal went on explaining details like how to behave in case of an accident or breakdown and when he was done, Mr Bergmann was crystal clear about what Orbit was offering. 


Mr Bergmann Drives Away with his Mazda CX-9


Then Mr Bergmann took off with his Mazda CX-9 signed for two weeks. He enjoyed his Turbocharged 7-seater suv for the whole two weeks but when it was time to drop it off, the concerns once again nagged his mind. Afterall, he had been having bad experiences for the past 30 years. 


As he drove the suv to Orbit’s office, he kept thinking….


“Maybe they be this nice when offering a car. Now that I have signed up, they will do exactly how other companies have done with me. They will literally search for the smallest of scratches just to rip me off. Just like others they will turn tricks to generate extra turnover by claiming unproven damages. Maybe this is how things are done everywhere.”


The Drop off 






With these thoughts spiraling his mind, Mr Bergmann entered Orbit’s office and handed the keys to Anfal. 


“Sir, please have a cup of coffee while the inspection is done” Anfal took off leaving Mr Bergmann with his thoughts. 


He looked at the coffee and sighed anticipating the long waiting time for inspection before the efforts of ripping him off start. However, as soon as he finished his coffee, Anfal entered and said


“We are good to go Mr Bergmann” He sat down and took out the papers. “Would you like to share your experience with us? 



Mr Bergmann was dumbstruck. He looked at Anfal for a few seconds, waiting for any catch but Anfal kept smiling with paperwork already done on his table. 


“Actually, we would like to write your story about your experience with Orbit” Anfal took out his pen and paper. 


“I don’t know where to begin” Mr Bergmann was still in a little shock. 


“Why don’t we begin with this” 


“On the 22nd of October 2022, Mr Bergmann…..